25 Years Gone: October, 1992 Comics

God, 90s comics were amazing, weren't they?

Listen, I know that mainstream superhero comics in the 90s get a bad rap and I fully admit that it's well deserved, but goddamn if I don't love them, anyway. Most of them are just insane, but usually in a bad way, as opposed to, say, 70s Marvel comics, which were insane in a good way. No, 90s superhero comics were so far over the top that they circled back around to the bottom.

So what was a newly 17 Kyle reading during these glory days?

Adventures of Superman #497 wasn't my first Superman comic, but it was pretty close. I (like everyone else at this point) knew what was coming and this was the start of it -- the first appearance (well, full appearance) of Doomsday.

Doom Patrol #61 - Hey, I was a teen with eclectic tastes. I'd jumped on to the Doom Patrol with #37 and had been sucked in by this absolutely crazy comic. It was completely different than anything else I was reading. I had no idea then who Grant Morrison was.

Justice League of America #69 - The tie-in to The Death of Superman. I had stopped reading the Justice League books when Giffen/Dematteis left.

Legion of Superheroes #36 and #37 - I LOVED the 5 years later Legion. LOVED them.

New Titans #93 - Maybe the Titans could have become a brand like the X-Men again (they were neck and neck in popularity back in the early 80s), but a complete editorial failure prevented this period from really picking up steam.

Superman #74 - More Doomsday. More movement towards the big death.

Superman: The Man of Steel #18 - I really did start buying the Superman books a few months before the Death of story. They were fantastic and would continue to be fantastic up until the turn of the century.

Timber Wolf #1 - Like I said, I LOVED the 5 years later Legion.

Titans Sell Out Special - No, seriously, this was a period for the Titans in which anything seemed possible, but nothing ever really happened.

Avengers #357 - The oft maligned "X-bookification" of the Avengers totally worked on me. The Harras/Epting/Palmer run was probably the longest I'd ever read the Avengers, at least this version (I read the West Coast flavor for a while).

Incredible Hulk #400 - I dropped this book either just before this or just after, but I'm a sucker for anniversary issues either way. I did love the merged Hulk.

New Warriors #30 - Easily my favorite comic at the time, now with Darick Robertson on art!

Uncanny X-Men #295
X-Factor #85
X-Force #17
X-Men #15 - The X-Ecutioner's Song! Check out that beautiful Jae Lee art on X-Factor! I love the post-Image X-book line mostly for all the eventual big name artists that replaced the then big name artists. Brandon Petersen took over Uncanny, the aforementioned Jae Lee on X-Factor (short lived), some guy named Greg Capullo on X-Force, and Andy Kubert on X-Men.

Cyberforce #1 - I basically bought the first issues of each Image title by the founders, but didn't stick with any of the books besides...

Wildcats #2 - All things considered, Wildcats was probably the best of the founders' titles if you were looking for fantastic art and a decent amount of story.

At this point in my life, I was still all superheroes, all the time. That would lead me to eventually quit comics all together, but I would lured back by the siren song of Strangers in Paradise, Stray Bullets, and Bone.