Unrequited and Other Stories

"Unrequited and Other Stories" is my first short story collection.  You can buy it online here.

"Unrequited and Other Stories" features three short stories.  The title track, as it were, is "Unrequited," a post-apocalyptic love story.  The second story is "Mercurial," something of an unconventional analysis of modern love.  The last story, "Grimm" deals with distance how sometimes someone can often affect us more by NOT being there.
The print version with cost you just under 12 cents per page.

The Copy:

Internet dating and the end of the world. Failed relationships and a morning after pill for marriage. Alcoholism and an elf's head mug. These are just a few of the many strange combinations to be found in Unrequited and Other Stories, the first collection of short stories by Kyle Garret.

Each of these three stories is different; each exhibits a range in storytelling style and genre, yet each contains a shared sense of longing, a shared pursuit for something good when things are at their worst. There's pessimistic defiance in these stories, a panglossian refusal to let the breakdown have the last word.
Sometimes bleak, occasionally chaotic, but always affecting, this collection features a little something for everyone, from romance to horror to dark comedy.

In the end, Unrequited and Other Stories is about what we make with what we're given.