The Caretaker's Son

Purgatory is graveyard in Kansas.

Specifically, purgatory is a group of nine cemeteries in the town of Soma, Kansas, founded 87 years ago as a safe haven for wayward spirits while their ultimate destination is determined.  It was built by nine families, headed by individuals who had the ability to see spirits, a gift they passed on through generations.  Soma is the only world Oliver Rook has ever known.  His fate to become a Caretaker is predetermined.

But when Oliver's father dies when Oliver is only 12, he becomes the youngest Caretaker in history.  Without years to prepare for his new role, Oliver isn't bound by tradition.  He begins to ask questions.  And the necropolis begins to answer.

"The Caretaker's Son" tells the story of Oliver Rook as he becomes Caretaker and grows into adulthood.  It also tells the story of Oliver's son, Nicholas, the next in line to become a Caretaker.  With the help of wife and mother Amelia, who has the ability to communicate with spirits in her sleep, they discover the secrets of Soma.  The specters, the Shadow Man, the Ash Imp, the White Book -- it all leads them back to a deal Oliver's ancestor made with a demonic creature, a deal which has now been broken, leaving the creature free to attack.

"The Caretaker's Son" is a supernatural YA book that covers 87 years of the Rook family history.  It will appeal to fans of series like "His Dark Materials" and "The Skinjacker."