I Pray Hardest When I'm Being Shot At

A funny thing happened over the years and years it's taken me to write the book about my grandfather: I realized it wasn't really about him.  That's one of those revelations that makes you go "oh, of course, now I know what this book was missing" and also go "mother f'er, I have to change nearly everything."

At first it was just one thing: the simple realization that the sixty year romance between my grandparents was easily as important to the book as my grandfather's military career was.  After all, theirs was a pretty unique story; their relationship began through letters, they married young, had my mom very quickly afterwards, and eventually got divorced only to re-marry again down the line.  And that's not divorced as in "50% of all marriages end if divorce."  That's divorced in 1950 divorced.  That just didn't happen, particularly not with a child involved.  But it did, for the whole year that it actually stuck...or, more specifically, until my grandfather went back into the miltiary.  See?  It was a complicated thing, their romance.