Comics and Graphic Novels

Ghost Day
Supernatural thriller, 5 issues long with potential for more

Alexandra Temple can see ghosts.

But, then again, so can everyone else.

It's been 5 years since "Ghost Day," the day when all the restless spirits on earth suddenly became visible to the living.  It's been 5 years since the battle between science and religion was taken to a whole other level.  And it was 5 years ago on "Ghost Day" that Alexandra's younger brothers disappeared.
            Alexandra doesn't expect much when her best friend, Akima, finds another slim thread in their investigation: a John Doe who has been in a coma since G-Day.  But when Alex touches John Doe, she receives a flood of images and information, information that could lead her to her missing brothers.  It's also information that sends her into the path of the government agency tasked with determining the cause of G-Day, a cause which has its roots in the battle between science and religion.

Horror/thriller/drama, 6 issues long with potential for more

"Heads" is like Stand By Me with exploding heads.
            Danny Andrews is typical 7th grader.  He has a close group of friends.  He has an arch enemy.  He has supportive parents and an okay sister.  Everything was normal, until one day in the middle of class, his math teacher's head explodes.
The local police are baffled, but over the course of the investigation, yet another person dies in the exact same way.  When the FBI get involved, they can't help but notice that Danny and his friends are always involved.  They think one of them might be the cause, and that he or she has manifested uncontrollable super powers.
            In each issue of "Heads," someone else dies in the same, horrific way.  Each death is a clue as to who might be responsible for these grisly murders.  The answer will devastate not just the friends, but their families and the community.
            "Heads" is an ongoing series built around an initial, self-contained 6 issue arc.

Battleground State 
Post-apocalyptic political adventure, ideally 5 issues long

Sometime in the not too distant future, a plague hits the earth, killing millions in a few short years.  Humanity is helpless.  Chaos ensues.  Governments fall apart.  The United States of America soon finds itself akin to post-Soviet Union Asia as the federal government is simply no longer able to function.  States are forced to fend for themselves.  Some turn to their neighbors for assistance, while others offer to help for a price.  

Territories who recover faster than others claim themselves to be independent nations.  Less successful states must join with others to survive.  Ideological boundaries become real as the map of America is redrawn.

Nathan Christiansen has spent the last year fighting for a united California, his adopted state.  But while he’s proud of the work he’s accomplished, he knows that resurrecting a place with so many shared ideals was a relatively easy task.  As the entire Pacific Coast begins to work together under a new world order, Nathan can’t help but wonder if he’s needed elsewhere, if it might be time to return to where he was born.

It’s time to go back to Ohio, to find the family he’s only heard from sporadically since the plague.  It’s time to see if perhaps he can have some influence on the rebirth in the Buckeye state.

What Nathan doesn’t realize, however, is that, as always, Ohio has become the epitome of America.  Numerous factions are attempting to resurrect the state, either as a part of a greater entity or as an autonomous nation with very specific ideological views.  Each faction has their own views and each has just as much right to call Ohio their own as the next.  Filled with memories of his childhood, Nathan Christiansen attempts to reconcile all of them, fighting for his home state using just as many words as bullets.  

Theme and Variation
Comedy/Drama/Slice of Life 

This is the comic book tie-in to a series of short stories I've written.  It's basically about three guys who live in an apartment building and the various social maladies they share.  I actually have a first issue fully scripted.  I think it's pretty good -- walks a fine line between serious and funny.

Marvel Adventures: Spider-man
All ages superhero adventure

The Hook: Spider-man!  Doctor Strange!  The Grizzly!  The Gibbon!  And lots of bad puns!

The Gist: Peter Parker attends the “Superhero For A Day” competition at the local convention center.  Dr. Strange arrives in his astral form, warning Peter that an evil magician cast a spell not just on the contest, but on a specific costume being used in the contest.  It’s up to Spider-man, the astral form of Dr. Strange, and costumed professional wrestler Max Markham to stop the Gibbon from wrecking havoc throughout the convention center, and possibility all of New York!

Cloak and Dagger
5 issue limited series

Here's something mildly interesting and not a little heartbreaking.  I recently sent my "Cloak and Dagger" proposal to someone I've never met aside from some brief interaction online.  Said person loved it, so much so that he gave it to friends to read, all of whom also enjoyed it.  It seemed that my proposal got across exactly what I wanted to say.  Alas, no one at Marvel will give me the time of day.