Patrick is haunted, by his past, by his synesthesia, and by the ghost of the old man who died in his studio apartment.
"Reliquary" is the story of Patrick leaving behind a father with cancer and The Great Love of His Life to start over in Los Angeles.  Neurotic relationships, a cult like job, and stereotypical Hollywood moments would be hard enough to navigate, but are made all the harder by his hyper active senses that give personalities to numbers and dates and colors to letters and sounds.  It's hard to forge a new life with an old brain.

            Patrick learns to take comfort in his only friend: the ghost of Mr. Dromm, the old man who lived alone in his apartment for twenty years.
            "Reliquary" is a love story and a ghost story.  It's a universal story of making connections and moving forward, despite our own insecurities.  I believe it could be a commercial success.  I also think it lends itself nicely to adaptation.