The Appleseed is switching daycares and it's freaking me out a little.

The Appleseed's last day at his current daycare is Thursday, which is probably a few days past by the time this goes up.  In fact, assuming this goes up on Monday, he'll have already started at his new daycare.

The new daycare is going to be better for him.  There are fewer kids.  There's more outdoor space.  It feels like summer camp, actually, because it's located on a few acres of land.  It feels more like a school than his current daycare.  The fact that it's a good amount cheaper than his current daycare is nice bonus, too.

But I have come to like the daycare he's at now.  It's a chain daycare, like chain stores or chain restaurants, and there's a certain amount of sameness to it.  It's very sterile, and not just with regards to being clean.  It feels very corporate, very sanitized.

But the people there have been great with Appleseed.  They really and truly seem to care about him, even if not all of them are as on top of things as I would like.  Fortunately, the less accomplished people generally work with the older kids, something one of the women in the infant room actually mentioned to me when I told her Appleseed would be switching daycares.

It's also the first place we ever left Appleseed.  It was a huge adjustment for us, more or less earth shattering as it completely rocked our world.  And while it wasn't a smooth transition, we go through it, so now I feel like I owe these people.  I feel like they helped us through this incredibly important period of our lives...and now we're leaving them.

Appleseed is going is go through a lot of people in his lifetime.  I don't remember who took care of me when I was less than a year old; I don't expect him to remember, either.  But I'll remember these people.  I'll remember all of this.

And I'm freaked out by this because that's how I am and because I'm never 100% positive I'm doing the right thing.  Appleseed clearly likes the people who take care of him now and he even seems to have made some friends, such as they are at this age.  Who am I to take that away from him, even though he doesn't care at all?

I know this is a better situation for him.  I know he'll be thrilled with the new place in just a few days because that's just how awesome he is.  But this is another big change in his life, just like starting daycare was.  It's stressing me out.

I'm sentimental.  I've always been sentimental.  It's only getting worse as I legitimately have things to be sentimental about.

I should probably start getting used to this.