It's Irish Whiskey Season!

A while back I decided that "whiskey seasons" was a thing.  Bear with me...

I noticed that I was drinking bourbon more than Scotch in the summer time.  My reasoning for this was pretty simple: I only drink Scotch neat, and in the summer time I like to have something at least chilled a little bit.  And since I sometimes drink bourbon on the rocks, voila!  Bourbon became my drink of choice during the summer.

This got me thinking about which whiskey was best for each season.  Winter came to me first, because the holidays always involve things loaded with spice (cake, cider, etc.) which naturally made me think of rye.  So winter was rye season.  This left me fall and spring.

Spring was pretty obvious, too, because there's a holiday ostensibly dedicated to Irish whiskey.  Scotch fell to the fall, then, which actually worked out nicely, as I've become a very big fan of Scotch and my birthday is in the fall (which is usually when I splurge on a really good bottle).

And there it was: whiskey seasons.

My next step was to go a year only drinking whiskeys from that particularly season.  My bourbon summer continued.  Fall came around and I drank Scotch.  Winter came around and I drank rye.  Now it's spring, now it's time for Irish whiskey.

My seasons are broken out in a more practical fashion than the calendar.  I mean, theoretically, winter doesn't start until December 21st, but that's not really true.  My seasons broke down like this:

Summer: June, July, and August -- Bourbon
Fall: September, October, and November -- Scotch
Winter: December, January, and February -- Rye
Spring: March, April, and May -- Irish

Now, you might be thinking "Kyle, this is weird, why are you doing this?"  And I would say to you that I am easily bored and I like to try new whiskeys.

Besides, since I would love to someday open a whiskey (and wine) bar, I can consider this research.

Now it's time for some Irish whiskey.