Lift Off! The Appleseed is Walking

He took 8 steps and stopped, not because he was off balance, but because he'd reached his destination, which happened to be me.  He walked from his Learn and Groove Musical Table to me and it took him 8 steps.  And then he stood there.

I wanted to move back, but by that point he had his arms out and had grabbed my leg, so it was too late.  I have no idea how far he would have walked had I been further away.

So the Appleseed is mobile now, or more mobile than he was, and he was pretty mobile before.

My wife has been going through the whole "my baby is growing up too fast" thing for a while now, even though Appleseed isn't quite a year old.  It hasn't really been an issue for me, although it is crazy to see pictures from just a few months ago.

The walking thing is going to do me in, though, I know it.

I can't wait for him to walk (more than just 8 steps).  I think it's going to be a lot of fun and totally stressful.  But he's so happy now when he walks and there's nothing better than seeing him walking towards you.

The cats will be in trouble soon.

I just got home from picking him up at daycare.  He took 8 steps to me when I got there.  Apparently, he took 8 steps during the day today, too.

We're not prepared for him to be able to walk by any means, although I sometimes wonder if it's possible to be totally prepared.  I feel like we could lock down and clean up every inch of this house and a mobile baby will find a way to get into trouble.  I feel like that's just what babies do.

"Baby."  He's going to be one in a few weeks.

At some point, I'm going to be carrying him around, squeezing him and giving him kisses the way that I always do, and he's going to try to squirm out of my arms because he'll want down.  He'll want down because he can walk and walking is new and exciting and he should want down.

And it will be sad.  He probably won't enjoy being carried around as much anymore.

It's hard to wrap my brain around the idea that he's going to be one soon.  That he'll be walking and he'll be one.

I'm really going to be in trouble when he starts talking.