Dancing Machine

My son likes to dance.  Well, he bobs his head which causes his body to kind of rock forward and back.  Recently, he's started shaking his head, too, when he's really rocking out, which is awesome and reminds me of the Lalapalooza episode of the Simpsons.

He didn't pay any mind tot he Superbowl halftime show until Missy Elliott came on and then the head bopping started, so he clearly has good taste.  He's also a fan of "We're Here to Save the Day" by Constellations.  He dances to pretty much any song about the ABCs.

I drum on myself.  I'm sure you know someone like this.  When I'm waiting for something and I have nothing to keep me occupied, I drum on my body: one hand on my chest, one hand on my stomach.  The funny thing is that I can't play the drums at all.  Evidently adding in my feet is too much for me, but I can keep the beat pretty well when I'm only using my hands.

A few weeks ago, Nicole was on the floor, playing with Appleseed, and I was standing up, waiting for something.  And I started drumming, like I do.  And Appleseed started dancing.

I was beyond thrilled.  He was dancing to my stupid ass body drumming!  My son was bopping his head along to the beat that I was playing!

This wasn't a one time thing, either.  While he doesn't always dance when I drum, he does it more often than not.  It's particularly great when I'm making him food and he's sitting in the high chair, starting to get antsy.

Why is it so great?  Because I'm doing something that brings him joy.  I mean, sure, I do a lot of things that make him happy, I know that.  He's a happy kid and while a lot of that is simply is nature, I think some of it is the fact that we give him a ton of positive attention.  He has no reason to be anything other than happy (although babies always seem to have a reason).

It's a preternatural connection.  There's no genetic component that would make him more likely to respond to my crazy body drumming.  He hears better drumming all the time, given how often we listen to music.  But something about it coming from me, coming from right there in the room, maybe because it's live, gets through to him in a way that most other drumming doesn't.  And it's just drumming.  There's no music, just the sound of my open hand hitting my chest.

It's something that I've always done making him happy.  It feels like only my son would react like this.

Nicole asked me the other day if all babies enjoy music the way the Appleseed does and I guess that probably they do.  But it's certainly something I'd love to nurture in him.  While I've always been a fan of music, my tastes were fairly myopic, and I'd love to help him have a greater appreciation for all types of music.  I'd like him to have a greater appreciation for pretty much everything, a greater appreciation than I ever had for anything.

He appreciates my drumming, which is more than enough for me now.  I drum, he dances, and we smile and laugh.  My weird tic has finally paid off.