Days, Weeks, Months

On Wednesday, Appleseed turns 3 months old.

Up until now, we've mostly referred to his age by weeks.  I can remember being a kid and asking my mom at what point people stop referring to babies' ages by months.  I guess I'd just met a baby or something and the kid's mom said the kid was 19 months old or something.  My mom told me that most parents stop using months as the unit of measurement when the kid turns 2 years old.  That made some sense to me.  One year isn't a long enough time to diminish the impact of a month; even after 12 months, a 30 day period is still substantial.  But after 24 months?  Well, months are old hat by that point.

And that brings us to Appleseed's 3 month birthday.  He's already passed 12 weeks.  Accumulating a third month makes accumulating more weeks seem small.  Why count pennies when he has dollars?  And so, after Wednesday, he will be 3 months old.  When people ask, that will be the answer, no doubt broken out to 3 and a half and then four.

It all seems so very significant to me.  At the very least, 3 months is a developmental milestone.  But it's more than that.  Moving from weeks to months is the first real change in how time is measured for Appleseed.  Sure, there was a point where he was days old, but that was a whirlwind and didn't last long.  He's mostly been referred to as "x weeks old" -- his whole life, he's been talked about that way.  And now that's going to change.

It's also impossible for me to comprehend that our son was born 3 months ago.  Surely it was more like 3 years ago and also just yesterday.  Three months is obviously too long and not long enough.

Nicole has already started looking at pictures from months ago.  She's already lamenting how big Appleseed
has gotten.  It seems like every other mother we know says something about wishing babies could always stay at this age, which makes me think that these mothers have completely forgotten what it was like taking care of a baby this age.

I've become infinitely aware of time.  You don't appreciate the idea of living each moment to the fullest because it's the only time you will experience that, specific moment.  Then you have a kid and you realize he'll only be x weeks old one time in his entire life.  This is the only time he will ever turn 3 months old.  This is a unique moment.

And it's one which Appleseed couldn't care less about.  None of this means anything to him.  Eating means something to him.  Sleeping means something to him.  These days, his parents' faces mean something to him.  He doesn't care about time.

But time is moving.  I'm excited for Appleseed to get older, just as I think Nicole is worried.  I can't wait for him to become more interactive, to see his curiosity for the world grow.  I look forward to being able to offer him more than just affection, because he's maxing out on that on a daily basis.  This kid couldn't possibly be loved any more than he is.  I'd like to be able to offer him something else, too.

Happy 3 month birthday, Appleseed.  I have a feeling 6, 9, and 12 months will freak me out even more.