Fruitful: Time for the Appleseed

I'm writing this on February 17th, a good two weeks before it will get posted and 8 days until the Appleseed's projected arrival.  I'm taking Nicole's word for it that he will be late, but the doctors keep saying they don't really want Nicole going much past 40 weeks, so I'm working under the assumption that by the time you read this (week 41!), the Appleseed will be with us.  And if he's not, he's probably close.

I've got a lot of wonderful feedback on this series of blog posts.  This site has gotten more traffic since I started writing about my wife being pregnant than it's ever gotten.  I think it's something of a perfect storm in that people love to read about new parents and babies and people who know me think I'm kind of crazy, so they really want to read about me becoming a parent.

Anyway, I've had people ask me what I'm going to do after the Appleseed arrives, given that this series of posts, "Fruitful," is about the pregnancy.  I've had people request that I continue blogging once Nicole and I become if they could stop me.

And that brings us to Appleseed, which will be the name of the new series of posts I'll be writing about, well, the Appleseed, as he will be known to all of you out there on the internet.  I'm going to try to stick to my every week schedule, but let's face facts -- this kid is going to have a say in that.  It's entirely possible that I may end up posting "I am about to pass out, so no new post this week" on a regular basis.

I'm probably sleep deprived and covered in poo as you read this.  Just so you know.