Appleseed-ish: What's Important

Over the first few months of 2013, I had something of an existential crisis.  And I blogged about it.

These posts got nice traffic and even some comments (more on Facebook and Twitter than here).  It seemed like people liked and could relate to a lot of what I was saying.

Given my new life a a parent (sweet fancy Moses), these seem relevant again, so I thought I'd share.

What's Important (aka Twitter Tortures Me)
What's Important 2: The Social Tank
What's Important 3: (Happiness)
What's Important 4: The Zen of Art
What's Important 5: You Can Get With This...
What's Important 6: "Writer"
What's Important 7: Validation
What's Important 8: Miles Iz Ded

There's an unpublished ninth part which I imagine I'll update and post at some point.  Let's face facts, my view of what's important has changed considerably in a year's time!