Fruitful: Due Day-ish

The Appleseed is due today...ish.

That's a bit of a fib, as I'm writing this weeks in advance of his due date.  But this will be published on February 24th, which is when we were initially told to expect him.  We recently found out that was a day off, though, and Nicole will actually hit 40 weeks on February 25th.

Nicole thinks the Appleseed is going to be late and I have a feeling that women just know these things.  But from what I understand, they'll induce if she goes much past the 40 week mark, unless the criteria for induction isn't met, which would be a pain for all involved.

Anyway, there's a chance that if you're reading this at some point during the week of the 24th, we're at the hospital.  Nicole is most likely being a champ, as she is one of the toughest people I have ever met.  I am most likely super calm, as I am crazy calm in high pressure situations, which is odd since I am seldom calm in no pressure situations.

I can't speak for Nicole, but I'm sure I will, at some point, be overcome by an incredible sense of community, by a feeling that I'm a part of the natural order of things.  We are the products of thousands of years of evolution.  Our son will be the next step, the next act in a story that goes on and on.

The other day I thought about the fact that, once the Appleseed is born, Nicole will be able to talk about what it's like to have a kid.  She'll be able to share stories with other women who have had children.  That has to be a huge shared bond.  I would think that even women who have nothing in common can find a connection in having given birth.

And we'll have a kid, although it's not like that will make us special.  There are roughly 250 kids born every minute on this planet.  The Appleseed will be one of 250.

But he will special and him being born will be special, at least in our little world.  It will mean a lot to our families and friends.  He will mean everything to us.

I'm sitting here, thinking I should write more.  But what else is there to say?  We're going to have a child soon.  It's overwhelming.

It's wonderful.

Week 40!!