My Sedentary Life

1. (of a person) tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive.
2. (of work or a way of life) characterized by much sitting and little physical exercise.
3. (of a position) sitting; seated.
antonyms: active

Over the last 20 years of my life, I've managed to cultivate a reputation for being outdoors-averse. It's become something of a running joke, one that I go along with. And, honestly, it's based in the truth: I don't do any outdoor activities. I have a bike in my garage that I've only managed to ride a handful of times that will attest to this.

People think that I dislike the outdoors as a rule, but that's not true. Honest to god, I wish I was more outdoor-sy.  I see people who are and I'm jealous. They have a freedom that I've never known. They're also (generally) physically fit and have more energy. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like had I been born and raised in a beach town.

Well known (for many reasons) writer/director/producer/promoter Keven Smith was born and raised in New Jersey. It was big news among his fans when he decided to move to Southern California. He said there were many reasons for the move, but the biggest was his daughter. Her doctor had already warned her parents that she had been born with Smith's genes aka she could become overweight, perhaps even morbidly so.

So Smith made the decision to move his daughter somewhere that doesn't have winters that last 4 months.

I don't live in a place that has 4 month winters and I really can't blame the Ohio winters for my lack of outdoors-iness.  I know a lot of people who still manage to enjoy going outside when it's freezing cold.  No, my indoor tendencies come down to two main issues: time and comfort.

I'm particular about how I spend my time.  Part of that is because I have a full time job, a second job writing, a house that needs work, and a wife that I
like to spend time with.  Any free time beyond that is
spent doing things that I absolutely love.  I have to prioritize.  Number one that list is reading, which is most easily done inside.  Number two on that list, listening to music, goes along with it.  And while I know you can listen to music outside, it's much easier inside.

Influencing all that is my comfort level.  I'm a fairly uncomfortable person.  That's ultimately a result of a) my various health concerns and b) my various anxieties.  I don't like to leave my comfort zone, but I don't mean that in a psychological sense.  I mean that I have a bag full of drugs that I take with me wherever I go, just in case.  It's hard to enjoy the great outdoors when you're constantly worried about your body.

Ultimately, I don't enjoy any outdoor activities enough to overcome those two issues.  But that doesn't mean I won't.

Riding bikes with my kid is a completely different activity than riding my bike alone.  Spending that kind of time with my son -- who would enjoy himself -- would trump my issues.  Playing soccer or throwing the baseball around with him moves ahead of pretty much everything else on my list.

But, for most of my life, the things that bring me the most happiness have been things that happen indoors.  And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.