Fruitful: Birthing Class

Hey, Nicole and I both dig some Supernatural
It was 68 degrees and sunny on Saturday.

I don't say that to mock any of my Midwest and East Coast friends (okay, maybe a little), I say it so you understand that, even for Northern California, it was unseasonably warm.

Now stick thirty people in a room with windows that don't open during this unseasonably warm and sunny day.  And make sure the air conditioning is stuck on a setting that seems reasonable for January 25th, but not for this day in particular.

Oh, and half the people in this room are pregnant.

And the class we were all there for was 7 hours long.

This was our birthing class.

The modern day birthing class is a strange bird.  We live in a world where information is at our fingertips.  Everything you could possibly want to know about child birth can be found from the comfort of your couch.  Gone are the days of the weekly lamaze class.  The birthing class these days is more about getting to sit in a room with a health care professional and ask questions.

That's not to say that there wasn't a course being taught, because there was.  We learned about the three stages of child birth.  We talked a lot about pain management.  We even briefly touched on postpartum, which I actually think deserved more time.  I am not a woman and I am not giving birth any time soon, but it seems to me that the transition that occurs after giving birth is nearly as important as everything that came before.  A woman spends nine months building to the big moment, and then supposedly reverts to her
Women be crazy.
previous state in something like six weeks.  That can't be easy.

I wouldn't say we learned an awful lot at the birthing class.  We got some information verified, got a few details ironed out.  But I don't feel like we'd be at a huge disadvantage if we hadn't gone.  I think we could have found all of this information online or in books (my wife probably knew all of it already, in fact).

No, what the birthing class did was make it all feel real.

"Kyle," you say, "how could it not have felt real before now?"

Well, it has, sure.  But it feels real in spurts.  And allow me, for the first time ever, to use my condescending almost parent voice and say that unless you are about to have a kid, it's impossible to understand.  Our world is going to change completely.  And while a lot of life altering moments happen out of the blue, this is one that has been lurking on the horizon for (at this point) 8 months.  That long of a build up makes it that much worse, which is crazy given how extreme of a life change it's going to be, anyway.

Seriously, at one point during the birthing class I actually thought to myself "holy shit, what the hell are we doing?"  I know Nicole had a moment like that herself.

Here's the thing: you are reading this at the 36 week mark, which means we've hit 90% complete and I still remember when we were taking "bump" pictures and wondering when a bump would be noticeable.  The time has flown by, and yet even back then I can remember thinking "holy shit, what the hell are we doing?"

I would imagine I'll keep thinking that until this kid is about 30 or so.

36 Weeks!!