Fruitful: The Nursery

If you were to ask me what I did on the last few weekends or what I'm doing on the next few, my answer would be the same: working on the nursery.

Even talking about it kind of freaks me out.

Aside from Nicole's belly, the signs of impending child aren't out in the open.  There's no sign when you walk into the house that says "Future Site of a Rampaging Child."  There are no pads on sharp corners, ticks on a corner to measure height, or permanent marker on the walls.  Sure, there might be a stack of comic books somewhere, but those are mine.

This nursery is becoming the embodiment of this kid, which is funny, given that he probably won't care about it.  It's not like we're going to bring him home and he's going to be like "Blue?  I hate blue!"

And as with every room revamping we've faced in this house, there is far more work involved than you would believe by just looking at it.  Honestly, there's going to be far more work done than you would see by just looking at it, which is part of the frustration.  I'm of the mind that if no one is going to notice, then why bother?  Nicole is of the mind that we should do things correctly.

That's one of our biggest difficulties at this point -- Nicole is type A and wants to, at the very least, be involved in all aspects of the work.  But her job is getting busier and she'll soon be working Saturdays, which means that if we want this nursery done before the kid actually arrives, she's going to have to leave some things up to me.  I know that's not easy for her.

It's even harder for me.  Aside from the fact that I'll be torn between my desire to get this stinking room done already and my desire to do it like my wife wants, there's the fact that I don't want to disappoint her.  I want her to hand the room off to me and walk away, coming back only when its finished and finding an amazing nursery.

I kind of want it to be like something on HGTV, but it would be impossible to hide it from her (particularly since the room currently lacks a door) and I don't have the time or talent that they have.

Still, Nicole and I generally have a good time when we do projects like this, and we've done quite a few of
Not our nursery, but similar colors!
them since we moved in.  Finishing the nursery will take us over the halfway mark of the percentage of this house we've redone over the last year and a half.  It will also mark the last time we have the time or money to make any changes, so it better be good.

I keep wondering when this will become real for me and perhaps finishing the nursery will be the start.  I'm already periodically freaking out about the fact that we're having a kid.  I would imagine that will only increase over the next 12 weeks.

All of that rambling about Nicole being type A and how we're getting the room done and how much of the house we've redone -- it's all my round about way of avoiding the fact that this will be my son's first room.  Aside from life, which I had a very minor role in, this will be the first thing I give him.  This is going to be his space.  It's his room.

And I know that his level of realization of this fact will be limited for a while, but it's entirely possible that he's in that room for a few years, and it's entirely possible that it will imprint on him, the way that every room I've ever lived in has imprinted on me.

I hope he loves it.  I hope he feels the incredible love that went into it.

I think he will.

Week 28!