Fruitful: The Appleseed

We have yet to start referring to the child that Nicole is carrying by his name.  Part of that is because, while we've narrowed the list about as far as it can possibly be narrowed down, we want to give ourselves time to make that decision.  There's also the simple fact that by not referring to him by a theoretical name, we're not letting that name out into the ether, so it can't be ruined for us.

And, you know, to a certain extent it prevents this all from seeming too real.

In public, I've started referring to our unborn child as "the boy."  This seems to be fairly well accepted by people.  I would imagine it's a common way to refer to a son.

But Nicole and I have a different name for him.  We call him The Appleseed.

Every week, Nicole gets these automated e-mails from a couple of different pregnancy web sites.  The e-mails give general information about whichever week you're on, so for, say, week 20, they tell you exactly what you should expect for week 20, where your baby is at in development, that kind of thing.  One of these web sites always says how big the baby is, and uses some kind of fruit or vegetable as comparison.

At one point, very early on, the aforementioned e-mail said that our baby was the size of an apple seed.  For whatever reason, that was the description that stuck.  I started referring to him as The Appleseed.  Then Nicole started doing the same.  And now it's more or less the only thing we call him.

He's quite a bit bigger than an apple seed now, but that hasn't stopped us.

He'd already been an apple seed by the time we made Nicole's pregnancy public.  At the time, I debated
whether I should refer to him as The Appleseed in public, and ultimately decided not to.  It was our name.  It's what Nicole and I called him.  It was for us, not for anyone else.

So why am I talking about it now?

I'm not entirely sure.  Part of it, I think, is that the closer we get, the more I want to share.  Because I think it's adorable that we call him The Appleseed.  I think it's adorable and I think it's loving and I think people should share such things.

Also, there's a reasonable possibility that, once he's born, I will start a new series of blogs about being a father, and I've learned that if you're going to blog about your kids, you should give them an alias.  And, well, he already has one.

He's already a superhero.

Week 30!!