The Marvel/Netflix shows should take place in the 70's.

By now, most of you have probably seen the news about the deal Marvel has with Netflix to launch 4, original series featuring second tier characters, and then a mini-series that would unite all of them.  The characters in question are Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist (it's interesting to note that half of these characters aren't going by superhero names).  The mini-series will be "The Defenders."

It's a great move by Marvel (or Disney, as the case may be).  They want to expand their live action superhero universe and there simply aren't enough hours available on ABC (I also wonder how other networks feel about airing Disney shows these days, given how insulated they've become).  Besides, Netflix probably gives them a little bit more freedom, as they seem willing to "air" almost anything.

There's also the simple fact that Netflix original programming has buzz these days.  With the binge watching format that Netflix has in place, people who gave up on Agents of SHIELD after two weeks will probably give one of these new shows more of a chance, simply because they can blow through multiple episodes in one sitting instead of having to wait a week.

So, yeah, everything about the deal seems really smart.  I would like to suggest one more step that would make it even smarter: have the shows take place in the 70s.

But before I get into it, feast your eyes and ears on this beauty:

The above is the "sizzle reel" of Joe Carnahan's proposed Daredevil movie that will never happen.  It's awesome and underscores how well DD would work in a crime infested NYC of the 70s.  There's a certain dirtiness that comes with that era, particularly on film.

While Daredevil wasn't created in the 70s, you can see from the above clip that he works really well in that time period.  The same can be said for Jessica Jones, who's the most recently created of the bunch.  She's a private investigator (at least she was), so placing her in 1970s New York would also work really well for her.  They'd have to cut our her back story, but they're going to have to do that, anyway, as she couldn't have been an Avenger in the cinematic universe.

As for Luke Cage and Iron Fist, both of them made their first appearances in the 70s, and both of them were attempts to cash in on pop culture.  Cage was a blaxploitation character, with all the negative stereotypes that came with it.  Iron Fist was Marvel's attempt to mix kung-fu with their superheroes.  The two were connected so strongly by the time period that they were eventually put together in their own title.  Most people still consider them a team.

Aside from the fantastic setting, there's a logistical reason to place these shows in the 70s.  While Daredevil
doesn't have super powers per se (although neither do the Black Widow or Hawkeye), the others do, and they all live in New York.  You'd have to wonder why none of them stepped up during the battle of New York that took place at the end of the Avengers.  Even if you place these series after that, their existence is still going to create questions for future movies.  Also, SHIELD would know about them, so why wouldn't they be recruited?  It's an easy question to answer, though, if they're all in their 60's, assuming they're even still alive.

But, surely someone would mention the super heroes from the 70s, right?  Well, not necessarily.  None of these four is particularly flashy.  They all fly under the radar.  Their existence would end up being more urban legend than anything else.

And consider this gem for future stories: in the comics, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are married and have a daughter.  She'd be an adult by the time the Avengers movies come out.  Suddenly you've got this wonderful new character that connects the current stories to the past.

Honestly, I'd be surprised if Marvel did this.  There's too much upside by having the characters take place in the present.  Period pieces don't tend to do as well as modern day fare.

But it would be fantastic and it would be different and that would mean a lot.