Fruitful: To Do List

Nicole and I are both making "to do" lists for the impending arrival of our kid.  Nicole's list is of things that need to get done in advance of his birth.  My list is of things I won't be able to do after he's born, so I have to do them now.

On one hand, this is practical.  Nicole is pregnant, so this whole thing is very much a reality for her.  She's already made sacrifices to become pregnant and sacrifices while she is pregnant.  Aside from being denied a new television (as that money can go towards food and diapers and daycare months down the line), my daily routine hasn't changed a whole lot.  No, scratch that, it has changed, but only in that I'm trying to work my way through my to do list.

You would think that there would be some friction between Nicole and I given our differing lists.  But there is at least some compromise going on.  I'm helping Nicole with preparations when she lets me.  Nicole's a type A personality, so having the bulk of the to do list in her hands would happen no matter what.  It's not that she wouldn't trust me with it, it's that she wouldn't trust anyone other than herself with it.  I don't mind.

And Nicole, god bless her, has been very lenient with my less than constructive tendencies as of late.  I think a big part of that is the fact that my to do list isn't just made up of things like "play the new Batman video game" or "re-read every volume of Marvel Masterworks: Spider-man."  Those are pushed down the list by the big one: write.

I have been writing like crazy lately.  I write almost every day, which is something of a rarity for me, simply because I've never had the time to write every day.  That would appear to be a lie, though, as I'm finding the time these days.  I have never kept track of how much I write, but a few weeks ago I started a spreadsheet to do just that.  I want to know how much I'm producing every day so that I can regulate my output -- and then increase it.

I have been working on another YA book for nearly three years now and I feel as though I need to get the
first draft done before the boy is born.  It's taken me nearly three years because there was another YA book that needed revising, queries that needed to be sent out, and short stories that need to be written, revised, and submitted.  Oh, and there was the second and third non-fiction books, revisions to my long dormant first novel, and the very beginnings of yet another YA book.

I'm trying to draw a line through as many things on this list as possible.

There's also all the house stuff, half of which is essential (like putting together the nursery), half of which is preferred (like re-organizing the cabinets).  And don't even get me started on the garage...

Oh, and what about working out?  I've got to squeeze as much of that in as possible, too, because lord knows I won't have the time for it in four months.

Did I just type "four months?"  Good.  God.

It seems impossible for me to overestimate how my life is going to change in four months.  I can't even wrap my brain around what it's going to be like.  Even the tiny glimpses I get from my friends with kids isn't going to prepare me.

In some ways, it makes my to do list less daunting than Nicole's.  We can prepare for the birth of our child all we want, but in the end we won't be prepared for the reality.  I can, however, get the first draft of "The Caretaker's Son" done before then.

It'll be interesting to see what my to do list looks like in four months.

Week 24!