Fruitful: Everyone loves you when you're having a kid.

I went to the dentist last week.  That's fairly pedestrian, yes, and the visit was just that.  I mentioned to the doctor and his assistant that my wife was pregnant.  When I went to the front to schedule my next appointment, the assistant mentioned that my life would be very different when I returned.  This, of course, ended up involving the office staff in my impending fatherhood.

And then it was all knowing smiles and laughter.  There's a baby on the way!  You must be the greatest person ever, Kyle, because you're having a baby (or you are by proxy).  We love you and we will love you even more when we see you six months from now and you are no doubt running on caffeine and the fumes of caffeine.  We expect to see vomit on your shirt.  We expect you to be wearing a baseball hat to cover your unwashed hair and glasses because you're unable to get your contacts in.

The other day we sold some furniture on Craig's List.  We had never met the middle aged couple who came by to buy and get the aforementioned furniture.  The woman had learned, over the course of e-mails with my wife, that we were going to have a kid soon, which was why we were getting rid of the furniture (for cheap).  When they arrived they were overjoyed for us.  The woman was just so excited to be making room for us, to be making room for such a great reason.  She actually gave Nicole a hug before she left.

Here's the thing: my wife deserves all the hugs in the world.  While she's still on the verge of the full physical toll of being pregnant (and of giving birth), she's still putting up with a lot.  She would probably kill for a few glasses of wine and she would certainly love to be able to take anything for an upset stomach.  Tylenol can be helpful for aches and pains, but it doesn't always do the trick.  More than anything, I think she would love just a few hours of a break from constantly having to consider her every action.  I think she would love to cut loose.

So, yes, everyone should love her, but, really, everyone should have loved her before, because she is amazing.  And I think it's great that so many people are enthusiastic about people having babies.  I believe that most of these people are genuine in their emotion and that's pretty impressive in this day and age.  Babies aren't just the great unifier, they're the great unifier in love.  They're a positive unifier in a world where, more often than not, what unifies us is fear and anger.

Me, I haven't done squat, not really.  I don't know that I've done anything for everyone to be all nice to me about it.  I certainly haven't done what Nicole has.

But I appreciate the thought.  And I appreciate the sense of community.  I don't know how far that will take me, but I appreciate that it exists.

I wonder if they'll still love me in six months.  I have a feeling they might just pity me, particularly when I fall asleep in the chair.

It's week 20!