Fruitful: Hurry Up and Wait

At work the other day, I learned that elephants carry their offspring in the womb for 22 months.  They also nurse their young for 2 years.  The average lifespan of an elephant is 60 years, which means an elephant spends 3% of its life breast feeding.

These are the kinds of things we talk about at my job.

You would think there would be some kind of ratio for mammals with regards to how long offspring is carried by the mother.  Elephants carry their children much longer than humans, both in actual time and in percentage of life.  That seems like a raw deal for elephants.

I mention this because there's an awful lot of "hurry up and wait" with regards to being pregnant or, in my case, having a wife who's pregnant.

When this is published, Nicole will be through 45% of her pregnancy, yet she still doesn't really look all that pregnant.  Aside from sleeping a lot and some emotional instability, the big pregnancy changes haven't kicked in yet.  And let's face facts, that's just crazy, because it means the next 55% are going to be a roller coaster ride of insanity.

But this has meant that, up until now, it's all felt unreal.  I think Nicole, especially, has been getting a little antsy to just be full blown pregnant already, the kind of pregnant she doesn't have to tell people about because they can already tell.

For the first few months of Nicole's pregnancy, we got ultrasounds on a regular basis.  This kid had an entire album of pictures taken in the first 12 weeks.  But now we're on the "yes, your pregnant, so you get normal doctor visits because this is the way things happen" visits that result in listening to the heart beat (which is fantastic), but no pictures.  And I want pictures.

But we don't get pictures until 20 weeks.  There are intervals for these things now.  This is how it works.

It's difficult in a number of ways.  Nicole regularly looks at her stomach, waiting for it to expand.  It has, but just not to the point where you might know she's pregnant just by looking at her.  I think she's looking forward to that day.  I thinks he's looking forward to basking in that glow.

And we're both eager to meet this little guy.  We talk about him a lot.  We wonder what he'll be like.  We wish we could jump forward in time so we could see him.  There's so much to look forward to, yet it seems so far away.

It's constant, too.  We're regularly doing things to prepare for an event that's still five months off.  It becomes a giant tease.

They say the waiting only makes it better, right?  Isn't that a thing that people say?  So we'll try to be patient.  You take your time, little guy.  You take all the time you need.  Just realize that by the time you show up, your parents will have spent nine months thinking about you, thinking about every little detail.  So be prepared for an overload of love that's been building up that whole time.

You should probably expect that your whole life.

It's week 18!