A blog is born! (or, SEO MesSEO)

My day job, the one that puts money in my pocket and food on the table, involves SEO, or Search Engine Optimization for those who really don't care.  It's basically about getting Google to list your web site high up in their search results for any particular thing.

I do this for a large company and for a lot of different web sites.  I have never tried to optimize this blog.

The problem is that this blog isn't about anything in particular aside from, well, me.  And kylegarret.com ranks #1 for Kyle Garret.

But only ranking for my name is only going to get me so much traffic, not that it's a big concern for me at this stage, because it isn't.

If I look at the visits I get to this site, a very clear pattern forms: my posts about comics kill.  I mean, there's absolutely no comparison between my comic book posts and anything else I write about (okay, that's not entirely true, I once posted an entry titled "Brand Building or, "Porno Bantering" and, as you can probably imagine, I got a lot of traffic).  The #1 entry for this site was about DC's New 52.  It's gotten more than twice as many visits as the next entry (the aforementioned Porno Bantering).  Three of the top ten entries are about comics and another three get traffic completely unrelated to the entry itself (not unlike Porno Bantering).

I even once had a post retweeted by Ksenia Anske, who has quite the following online, a following cultivated by her passion for writing.  I got a nice bump in traffic, but that article didn't even crack the top ten all time.  I think I've picked up some traffic going forward because of it, but not a ton, not so much that my posts about
writing come close to my posts about comics.

The thing is, I don't want this blog to be about comics.  I freaking love comics, but I don't write them.  Comics, for me, are a hobby, albeit one I'm very passionate about.  Writing is something else all together.

I think it's fantastic that I can get traffic for my blogs about comics.  I've gotten over 1700 visits to my New 52
article.  That's awesome.  But I don't want comics drowning out the rest of my blog.  I also don't want the non-comic book people who sometimes pay this blog a visit driven away by content they have no interest in.

And so, Slouches Towards Comics is born.

About 2 years ago, I had a blog about comics called Destroying Comics, but I felt like it was too negative.  Slouches Towards Comics gets its title from The Second Coming, by William Butler Yeats.  I didn't realize that the line from the poem is more often than not misquoted so that people are actually referencing the 1968 book of essays by Joan Didion.

Anyway, it seemed apropos because I think, ultimately, that The Second Coming is meant to suggest that there's a positive takeaway from the end of the world (let's ignore that it requires you to be a True Believer).  I also think it works because I slouch.

I've moved some of my past posts over to Slouches already.  All future comic book related material will be found there.

As for this blog, I'm hoping to get it back on schedule.  Don't worry; I have plenty to say that isn't about comics.