Abusing Nostalgia: Elf's Head Mug

This is a funny one.  For a long time, I wrote more on my livejournal (you heard me) than I did in my own, personal journal, so I ended up incorporating the former into the latter.  So when it seems like I'm talking to a theoretical reader, it wasn't really theoretical, as people actually read this.

I particularly like the list of the best comics of 2002.  They all still rank pretty high for me.

Also: the secret origin of the elf's head mug.

Monday, December 30, 2002

December 30th, 2002
11:13PM - More lists.

I can understand Spanish, to a certain extent. I can speak very little of it, though. But I've been able to communicate with this nice couple who lives at the Villas (the place I work). They appreciated it so much that they got me a Christmas present -- a mug in the shape of a an elf's head.

I'm currently drinking whiskey and water out of an elf's head.

Top Four Events of 2002:

1) My nephews were born. And they rule.

2) I moved to California. And now I'm cool.

3) I met Joss Whedon. He's much cooler.

4) Roger sent me the first sketches for the comic. And they're nearly as cool as Joss Whedon.

The Top Four Comics of 2002:

1) Automatic Kafka. The fact that two people are fucking with the form so much and that it's going totally unnoticed is a great indication of what's wrong with comic book fans.

2) Stray Bullets. Returning like a motherfucker, proving that David Lapham is still a genius.

3) Teenagers From Mars. So cool it hurts.

4) Paradigm. I haven't the slightest fucking idea what's going on, but it still rules.

Next time: The top CDs of 2002!