Abusing Nostalgia: 23

I have a strange feeling that these posts are going to be really entertaining for only a select group of people.

Anyway, since I just wrote a review of Jimmy Eat World's "Clarity," I figured I'd choose something from when it came out, which was February of 1999.  Funny enough, I was 23 in February of 1999, and Jimmy Eat World have a song called "23."  It's a good song.

This particular journal entry is hilarious for many, many reasons.  I would normally avoid posting anything that involves girls by name, but I don't keep in touch with either of the girls in this post.  Oh, wait, there are appearances by two girls that I do still periodically talk to on Facebook, but I would bet fat sacks of cash that they're totally fine with this.

It's also one of the rare journal updates where I'm actually kind of full of myself and those are always fun to read.

Sunday, February 21, 1999

1:37:37 PM

                Christ, what a weekend.  To say that Iā€™m exhausted today would be an understatement.  I have stuff to do and I don't even know where to begin, let alone want to begin.  Maybe I should replay my weekend a bit.

                Friday afternoon we practiced, then I went to a graduate reading at four o'clock.  It was good and then I got some people together to go to the Pub uptown.  See, Elizabeth works at the Pub.  She's a fellow first year grad student, as well as a fellow OU undergrad.  I had seen her around campus before - she's pretty stunning, so it's kind of hard not to notice her.  But she works with Vito's girlfriend at the Pub and Vito's girlfriend had mentioned to me that Elizabeth had said some nice things about me and would probably go out with me if I asked her.  SO, this leads us to Friday evening, since Elizabeth had asked me earlier in the day if I was going to stop by and see her at her second job.

                Well, we get to the Pub and she sets us up with lots of free drinks.  We got there a little after five and she got off around seven, so I was good and loaded by that point.  I had to come back here for a show, so I got up and put my arm around her (she was sitting) and told her I needed to leave.  She stood up and said good-bye to me and then I said that I needed to get my jacket and asked her to come with me.  So I get my jacket and put it on and I tell her that I'm pretty drunk, but I wanted to ask her -

                Yes.  She said yes before I had even asked a question.  She was smiling.  Then she asked me if I was only asking because I was drunk, to which I told her that I had been talking about asking her out all day and that she could ask our friends.  We both realized how busy we were this weekend, so she wrote down her number for me on a napkin, thus assuring that our next song will be called "Number On A Napkin" (that was Bob's idea).  So I have her phone number and I need to call her, but of course, I'm a little bit of a social idiot, so we'll see how that goes.

                But it was kind of nice to ask a girl out who seemed genuinely interested in going out with me.  Then I came home, greeted by lots of people I didn't know who were here for a show.  Of course, Asia showed up, although she was with her brother, who is a really nice guy.  The weird thing was, I was totally hung up on her.  I mean, I was a bit wasted, but she's just so damn good looking.  We hung out a bit and we were getting along well.  Here's where things get odd.

                At one point I was sitting on the couch between Judy and Asia and Lisa was sitting in the chair across from us.  I put my arm around Judy and Lisa yelled at me to stop hitting on Judy (jokingly, of course).  So I put my arm around Asia and Lisa yelled at me to stop hitting on Asia.  Well, Zack (Asia's brother) whispered over to Lisa for her to let me hit on his sister, as if he had some sort of information that I was unaware of.  It just seemed odd that he would want me to hit on his sister.  So I took this as meaning either the kid liked me a lot, or he knew his sister did.

                Now, this is where things get weird.  Because later on, Asia and I were talking and she gave me this whole thing about how she thinks I'm the kind of guy that could really fall for her (too true) and how she doesn't want that and all of that.  I mean, she was definitely putting the guard up.  But I can't help but wonder if that's because of me or because of her - I feel like maybe she does have some like for me and doesn't want to go through that.  I dunno.

                So I'm to the point where I don't really care.  I don't think I ever had a true, vested interest in it.  I mean, it was fun and will probably continue to be so, but we'll see.  After all, I have a number on a napkin.