My 2012 Mix

Every year I put together a mix CD of the best of the music I listened to over the course the previous 12 months.  My process is pretty specific.

1) These aren't the best overall songs I listened to in 2012, but more of a sampling.  I try to avoid having more than one song by a band, although that can be hard if I suddenly discovered a band that has a dozen albums out already.

2) These are songs from albums that I listened to in 2012, but didn't necessarily come out in 2012.  Heck, they might not even be all that new to me, they were just on heavy rotation.

3) Nothing slow ends up on these mixes.  I have other mixes where those go (maybe some day I'll post those, too).

4) The total time of these songs is less than 80 minutes.  Yes, I realize that mix CDs are antiquated.  But my car only has a CD player and when I started making these things I didn't have a digital music player of any kind.  I actually do have longer versions of these mixes, but there's something nice about forcing myself to strip the list down to the essentials.

5) The only order these songs are in are aesthetic.  They're not ranked; they're put in an order that's meant to flow.

This year, I'm going to make this more interactive and turn to YouTube for, if not videos for each song, than audio in video form.

Nada Surf -- "Clear Eyes, Clouded Mind"

The Shins -- "Simple Song"

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin -- "Oregon Girl"

Passion Pit -- "Take a Walk"

Starfucker -- Isabella of Castile"

CSS -- "City Grrrl"

Metric -- "Synthetica"

Grouplove -- "Love Will Save Your Soul"

Kickdrums -- "Love Will Drive Your Mind Wild"

White Rabbits -- "Percussion Gun"

Head and the Heart -- "Down in the Valley"

The Lumineers -- "Ho Hey"

Of Monsters and Men -- "Little Talks"

Maritime -- "Annihilation Eyes"

Sunday's Best -- "Saccharine"

31knots -- "Chain Reaction"

The Pixies -- "Rock Music"

Minus the Bear -- "Steel and Blood"

The Sword -- "Dying Earth"

Thrice -- "Anthology"

And there you go -- my mix for 2012.  Here's to some more great music in 2013!