Abusing Nostalgia: 17

Inspired by the Twitter account that Alison Haislip created that is a daily update of the journal she kept 20 years ago (it's called AliMinus20), I went digging into the journal that I managed to keep for a good 15 years on a semi-regular basis.

Funny enough, the oldest one I could find is from 20 years ago.  I considered posting the entire thing, but to be perfectly honest it's kind of sad.  Most of it is about girls and it's so terrifyingly emo that I'm surprised managed to date anyone, let alone marry the amazing woman that I'm married to.

It is interesting to note how the first part of this passage is still relevant.

January 2, 1993

At the moment I feel... in between. Writing is my life, but deciding what to write is hard. And that whole thought of being a creative writing major scares me. I’m in one of those stages where all I want to do is write, but everything I write seems pointless. I feel almost physically ill because of it. I’ve been walking around in a daze. The only thing that seems to have any value or meaning appears to be these journal entries, though what purpose they serve is beyond me. Maybe I just need to stay sane.

Anyway, Oral Groove plays an Amnesty Benefit on the 15th, which should be fairly cool. I think it’ll be a blast. We’ll be playing stuff that no one has heard, and if people have only heard us since Battle of the Bands (which is everyone), than they should be surprised. We’re playing a ten song set featuring one cover and only three songs that we played last year at Battle. One of those three songs is nothing like it was. Six all new songs that we think are pretty darn good. Hopefully, so will the people listening. But, if they don’t, who cares? We’re not trying to impress anyone, we’re just trying to have fun. It would just be nice to do both. Kind of like writing.
Ah, to be 17 again...actually, no, that would suck.