You can't manufacture inspirado.

"Master of the House" is obviously my main focus these days, but there's only so much I can do with it right now.  Besides, it's generally a good idea to get away from a book for a while.  Anything I manage to work on with regards to MotH these days is more along the lines of business type stuff.

This doesn't mean I stop writing, of course.  I've got a handful of things at various stages, but the one that's getting the most of my attention is "The Caretaker's Son," which also happens to be a YA book (my writing generally seems to fall into YA, slice o' life fiction, and memoir/non-fiction).  It's very different than MotH.  It's magical realism, not to mention a period piece.  World building is much harder when you don't really have an touchstones for it.

Anyway, given the tone of "The Caretaker's Son," I've created a mix of music to move me along.  It features a lot of Eisley, like the song below.