Free Fridays: Not So Much a System as a Theory

This is actually a story I've walked away from.  I wanted to write something that catered to my nerdier tendency, something that was more in line with the comic books I read than the short stories.  Even though the subject matter is a bit different than normal, it's still clearly something I wrote, as I'm sure you'll see.

Not So Much a System as a Theory for most eReaders
Not So Much a System as a Theory for Kindle

The title comes from the name of a song that I wrote twelve years ago.  I was making some punk rock noise with my friend Bob.  When we finished, I started putting pedals and cables away and his friend asked me if I had a system.  I said "not so much a system as a theory."  Bob jumped on it and said that should be the name of the song we were working on.  I've tried to work it into something ever since.

Some fun facts:
  • This is the 9th story (or sample) I've posted for free in the last 10 weeks.
  • I've had 209 downloads from my shared files, for the 8 previous pieces
  • Assuming anyone who downloads my stuff, downloads it all, that's 26 people
So I'd like to thank you, you 26 people (technically 26.125), for continuing to download my work, and I hope that you get around to reading all of it, and maybe then decide to go buy my book.  Or, at the very least, tell someone else to visit this blog and download some free stuff.

I leave you with an overlooked gem from Nada Surf's first full length album, a little song called "Treehouse."