Free Fridays: Mercurial

This week's Free Fridays offering is a weird one, you should know that going in.

Here's how weird it is:

Sometime while I was in grad school (so either 1998 or 1999), Francois Camoin came to Ohio University as a guest professor, holding two days of workshops and one on one meetings with the creative writing students.  We all sent him stories in advance of his arrival.

After the first day of workshops, and before we'd really gotten into talking about our work, a few of us went to lunch with Camoin.  At one point, he asked my name, and when I told him he responded with (and I'm paraphrasing) "You wrote the story that reads like it was written on drugs."

It wasn't, but I still find it awesome that he said that.

Anyway, that was an earlier version of "Mercurial," one that actually ended up in my thesis.  This later version was in my short story collection, "Unrequited and Other Stories," which you can get at the nifty link I just gave you (although you can also get all three of the stories in that collection on this site for free).

Anyway, here you go:

"Mercurial" for most eReaders

"Mercurial" for Kindle

For those coming late to the Free Fridays party, I finally went back and tagged all of the older posts, so you should be able to find them by hitting the Free Fridays tag over there on the right.

Next week: regular blog updates!  Another free story!  And probably at least one drunken post!

Have a great long weekend, everyone!