Free Fridays: Unrequited

I've decided that it's time to start being a bit more aggressive with getting my work out into the world.  There's one sure fire way of making this happen: give it away.

Starting this Friday and on every Friday after that until I run out of stuff to post, I will be giving away digital copies of my work.

First up is my short story, "Unrequited."  Click anywhere in here to download it.

Oh, and here's the Kindle version.

Sure, this book is only 99 cents on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, etc, but let's just eliminate the middle man.  I think an .epub version will work for everyone but Kindle users, but let me know if you'd like me to throw up a PDF version.

For those who don't know anything about "Unrequited," it is, at its core, a love story.  It also happens to have zombies in it.  Here's the cover by the super talented Roger Fleming:

Pretty sweet, huh?  I hope you enjoy it!