Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

As frequent readers of this blog probably already know, my first YA book is currently in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.  What I may have neglected to mention is that you can actually read my excerpt and pitch on Amazon, and even rate and review it.

You can find the entry for Master of the House here.

Amazon had this to say about the first 20 pages that make up the excerpt:

"There was nothing amiss here. The author had good characterization, plotting and setting. The selection has a good hook to keep the reader's interest."

 Sounds good to me!

If you have a Kindle, Kindle app, or even just a laptop, please feel free to check it out.  As much as I enjoy dystopian young adult fiction, I rather like the fact that my book takes place in the present, and is more in line with books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.  In other words, it's meant to be a fun read, with twists and turns, not to mention a good amount of teen angst (and teen romance!).

MotH has made it to the round of 250 (down from 5000!).  The next cuts are announced on April 24th, when there will only be 50 entries left.  Fingers crossed!