Physical Fitness!

About 10 months ago, I discovered the gym or, more specifically, I discovered the glorious sense of accomplishment that came with going to said gym.

Of course, those 10 months ago the gym was this small room in our apartment building that contained a single elliptical machine, a single treadmill, and three of those multi-purpose weight machines.  Oh, and there were some free weights and a few exercise balls.

I discovered the joy of going to the gym in the morning.  By the time I was awake enough to realize what was going on, I was already on the elliptical.  It was fantastic.  At the time, I didn't have to be at work until 10:30, so I got up 8:00 to go to the gym.  I went four days a week, four days a week straight, from Tuesday through Friday.  And the I gave myself a long weekend off.

It was fantastic.  My cholesterol level went down.  Not that I've ever been overweight, but I actually had to buy new pants as the ones I owned were too big in the waist.

When we moved up to the Bay, going to the gym became much, much harder.  For one, I had to be at work at a normal hour, although I got my boss to at least give me until 9:30.  My time requirement became longer because I now had to drive to an actual gym.  That also meant that I had to get up and go early in the morning -- early on winter mornings.  And the cold makes me very, very lazy.

I've done a decent job with it so far.  My gym is filled with middle aged people, and there's nothing like seeing an out of shape forty-something to inspire me to work harder.  I'm still going because I like how it makes me feel and because I want to lower my cholesterol, but now I also want to prevent myself from becoming completely decrepit as I get older.

That's all well and good, but it occurred to me (as I watched a few minutes of the Golden Globes) that being in shape has never held the benefits for me that it does for those who are, well, actually in shape.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that not being a fat load probably went a long way in getting Nicole to date me.  But six pack abs and the gun show have never really been a goal of mine, because the reason for attaining those things has never been a goal of mine.

Which takes me back to the Golden Globes.  I have often said that if I had a dietitian, a job that gave me long stretches of time off, a personal trainer, and a bunch of money, I could be in great shape -- I could have those six pack abs.  If my lively hood depended upon my physical appearance, then it would be my number one priority, as I'd need the things that come along with looking a certain way.

All this is to say that it's often damn hard to go to the gym, because it's not essential to my life.  I would imagine that's the way it is for most people.  We don't have the time to be beautiful and we barely have the motivation.

Now I will go back to sitting on the couch and watching TV.