Send Help! I'm Trapped in a Bubble Gum Factory!

The above title comes from a comic strips that came with Bazooka Joe bubble gum (do they still do that?).  It stuck with me all these years because of it was equally funny and potentially horrible.  In my little kid brain, I could picture a reality in which some guy really was trapped in a bubble gum factory, and his only way to get a message to the outside world was to put it in the packages that were being shipped out.

There are times when I miss being that blissfully naive.

Anyway, this popped into my head because I'm currently trapped in a cubicle and it's slowly driving me insane.

Nicole and I refer to the nights before I have to go to work as "school nights."  And I NEVER do anything on a school night.  This isn't even really because I have to work, it's because I get up before work and go to the gym.  I once had a drink or two on a school night and even that upset the balance of my universe the next morning.  I'm sure I would have been fine had I just been going to work, but like I said, that's not the case.  So I am chaste on school nights.

But last night was the midnight sale for the new DCU at Meltdown Comics here in Los Angeles.  That sentence probably didn't make any sense to some of you.  Basically, one of the largest comic book companies in the country decided to start over from scratch with all of their titles, and last night was the beginning.

Honestly, I wasn't entirely interested in picking up the comics; I could have waited until the next day.  But it was also the last day of work for my arch nemesis Chris, who I have an ongoing friendly feud with.  Turns out, however, that Meltdown was only allowed to sell the comics published by that one company just after midnight, which means I have to go back again today, anyway.  And Chris is actually working all day today.  In other words, I went out on a school night for no real reason.

That said, it's always good for me to go out and be social, even if it's not my natural tendency.  It's always been hard for me to muster up the energy to socialize and even harder for me to maintain that energy.  It's sometimes hard for me to realize that socializing is a necessary part of life, and that everyone needs at least a little bit of human interaction.

And I did have a good time, even if my feet hurt from standing for much longer than I normally stand.  That and the fact that I'm barely managing to stay awake today have underscored at least one thing: I'm not as young as I used to be.

With that, it's back to trying to keep my eyes open as I stare at this computer screen.