The New Site

Welcome to the brand new!

Okay, so the majority of you probably think this looks familiar, and you'd be right: this was what had been on -- I just moved it to this domain.  I have made some tweaks here and there, so please poke around a bit.

For anyone who had only ever been to this page before -- pretty different, huh?  My old Yahoo page builder wasn't really doing it anymore, and while the Blogger account might not be astounding, it makes for a much more interactive experience, at least from the stand point of more frequent updates.

And that, perhaps, is the real news: updates, fast and furious, coming your way.  I've got more to say than ever before (or at least the motivation to say them) and with my first book being released next year, I'll actually have things to talk about beyond my usual ranting.

Also, you'll see some rather informational looking blog entries on this first page.  Those were moved over from the old site and are conveniently linked to on the right there.

Anyway, good things are coming, so bookmark, follow, subscribe, and stay tuned!