Calendars Are Not Hard, People

I did not turn 1 on the day I was born.

No, because a year is a measurement of time, my first birthday actually signified the end of my first full year and the beginning of my second year.  In other words, the fact that I'm 35 means that I have been around for 35 years and am now into my 36th...even though my age only accounts for 35.

I point all of this out because the new millennium did, in fact, start when we entered the year 2000.  Twelve months make up a year.  Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, we will enter into the year 2011, marking the end of 2011 years and entrance into 2011+one minutes, one hour, one day, etc.

If you want to put a fine point on it, this also means that we are now entering the second year of this decade, the decade with a 1 in the third spot.

I'm always surprised how many people have latched on to the idea that a year isn't made up of smaller measurements of time i.g. twelve months equals a calendar year.  I'm surprised because it's completely illogical and breaks down with even the slightest amount of scrutiny.

Oddly enough, it seems like the "year one started on day one even though day one was just day one not year one" theory is mostly perpetuated and embraced by members of the comic book community.  In general, they are the only ones I ever read talking about it.  Oddly enough, this is a group of people who live their lives based upon the very same units of time measurement that they're ignoring.

I know, I know, I'm being petty.  But you know, every New Year's Eve this comes up and every New Year's Eve my poor, patient wife has to listen to me rant about it.  So now I'm sharing her pain with you.

And if I'm wrong, then I should have been allowed to drink a year earlier...and I should be allowed to retire a year early.