Chuck Should Go Rogue (and a brief 4.5 review)

Chuck vs. The Couch Lock

I don't actually have much to say about this episode.  It was easily the best of the self-contained episodes we've gotten so far.  I realize that's probably odd coming from someone who just criticized the show for having a ridiculous climax, but I didn't really have a problem with how this episode played out.  I think it's the simple fact that Morgan is, when it comes to the spy world, comedic relief, makes the ridiculous situations play out better simply because they're expected.  I suppose there's also the fact that the threat in this episode was never played up to be overly grave in any way, as it was just three guys who wanted to steal some gold, as opposed to the coup of a nation with nuclear weapons.

It's always interesting to see Chuck react to the fact that he's becoming desensitized to his life as a spy.  Yes, using Casey as bait wasn't really a big deal, given that Casey probably would have suggested it on his own had he thought of it, but the fact that Chuck took initiative (and, in Beckman's eyes, it was completely selfless initiative) and came up with a plan on his own is a nice nod to his evolution as a spy.  Besides, it's also nice to see Chuck in control, although I have some thoughts on that later.

Of course the big moment in the episode came with the phone call we'd all been waiting for.  The earlier confirmation that Chuck's mom is not such a good person was handled well and, of course, puts Chuck into a particularly Chuck-like bind: believe the worst of his mom based upon the facts, or believe the best of her and walk in blindly.  I'm guessing he'll pick an option in the middle while leaning towards the latter, because he is Chuck, after all.  And if his father left for valid reasons, then his mom could have, too, right?

The Future

I said up above that it's nice to Chuck in control.  I think they should do the exact opposite with the rest of the 24 episode season.

I want Chuck to go rogue.

Now, it's pretty clear that this would be an easy story to put together.  Chuck finds out his mother is a bad guy, she says she's taking off but, after seeing Chuck in action, would love to have him be a part of her organization, Chuck agrees thinking, in that completely naive way that Chuck does, that he can convince her over time to see the light.  And, of course, everyone would be against this idea -- or better yet, some or all of them would have no idea it was a plan at all.

Because, really, it's Chuck's idealism that ultimately gets him into trouble, but it's also what gives this show the angst that we all love.

Oh, yeah, and they should bring Jill back.

We haven't seen Jill since Chuck let her go towards the end of season two.  She couldn't go back to the Ring (or Fulcrum, as that branch was called) and she was still wanted by the U.S. government.  But if the Ring recruited her, it was because she had talent, talent that would eventually draw the attention of other organizations like, say, the one Chuck's mom leads.

Imagine that: Chuck "goes rogue" and when the smoke clears and he's with his mom at whatever base that can't be discovered, she says "let me introduce you to one of my top agents" and BAM!  There's Jill.  End scene, end act, end episode.

So now we have Chuck, in over his head and pretending to be one of the bad guys, working alongside Jill, his ex, the woman who broke his heart, the last woman he loved before Sarah.  Suddenly there's not just a professional divide between Chuck and Sarah, but an emotional one as well -- and it's almost entirely organic (unlike the Shaw business last season).

You know, I can just imagine Ellie and Awesome desperately trying to get Sarah and Casey to let them be more involved in the search for Chuck and the lines that blur even more because of his absence.  Gah! Imagine the episode where it becomes official that Chuck is gone, when Beckman has named him a wanted man.  Imagine it ending with Sarah lying in the bed that, until recently, they shared together, looking longingly at a picture of Chuck.

See?  This is why this show means so much to me.  It's not just because I enjoy watching, but because it makes me want to write for it.  I just love it that much.

So if anyone knows Josh Schwartz, tell him to give me a call.  I'll work for free.