Kyle's Bizarre Fascination With Cover Songs

I have a bias against singers who don't write their own music.  If I had a dollar for every time I'd gotten into an argument with my parents about the merits of Celine Dion, I'd be writing this from a gold plated tower in Maui.  I suppose she can sing, but she doesn't write her own songs, and the ones she "co-writers" consist of her writing lyrics.  Bully for her.

In my mind, this means she's a performer, not a musician; they're very different things.  Not only that, but she's getting all the fame (and most of the fortune) for something someone else created.

But, you know, it's freaking Celine Dion, so let's move on.

Strangely, I love cover songs, otherwise known as songs performed by bands that did not write them.  In my defense, most of the cover songs I love are by bands I already listen to, so it's not as if they're making their names based on these covers.  And, more to the point, they're very clearly covers; none of these bands pretend they wrote these songs.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite cover songs:

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