Album Review: The Stills, "Oceans Will Rise"

I can see some people pointing to this as a step back towards the sound of "Logic Will Break Your Heart," at least on certain tracks. I can see some people being happy that it doesn't sound MORE like "Logic Will Break Your Heart." Personally, I loved both "Logic" and "Without Feathers."

And while "Oceans Will Rise" sounds almost like an amalgam of sounds from those two albums, rest assured that it stands on its own.

Stand outs, to me, include:

"Snow In California" might have been a better choice to open the album and sounds like it could have been a b-side to "Logic."

"Snakecharming the Masses" is a fantastic song and shows some really inspired songwriting. There's nothing really easy about the progression in this song, yet it still feels natural. They seem to avoid what's expected, though.

"Being Here" is the first single, I believe, and it's easy to see why. Actually, THIS was probably a more obvious first track, but hindsight being 20/20 I think it might have given a false impression of the record. It's a good, catchy tune.

"Everything I Build" is the first definitively somber song on the album and it's a winner. That's actually probably the most distinct part about this record -- the mellow tunes. They're all very good.

"Eastern Europe" is insanely listen-able. In parts it reminds me of the Foo Fighters, in fact. It's just a catchy pop song. It's strut worthy.

"Hands On Fire" is perhaps my favorite song on the album at the moment. It's mellow and catchy and has a good groove.

"Dinosaurs" is yet another mellow song and maintains the quality. That's not to say that these mellow songs move. They do. But they all have a fairly somber tone more fully realized than earlier releases.

"Rooibos/Palm Wine Drinkard" feels more like a "Without Feathers" tune but, really, it's just a rockin' song.

All in all, good stuff.