Varied Ramblings of a Periodic Crazy Person

Here I sit, on a Wednesday night, watching old episodes of "Life" and drinking beer which I just bought at the local BevMo!  That exclamation point isn't from me, that's from BevMo!'s logo, although I'll admit that I enjoy the BevMo!, just probably not enough to use an exclamation point every time I mention them (although I suppose they've forced me into a corner on that one).

I like "Life" for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is my vague desire to be zen.  I also enjoy shows that take place in and around Los Angeles, as over the years I've managed to spend some time in a pretty wide cross section of this city, so I end up recognizing a lot of the places in said shows.

I'm generally torn on this city, but I have to admit, I really loved living here this morning.  Hearing the cheers go up throughout my neighborhood when the United States scored this morning was fantastic.  That sense of shared experience is something special.

When I woke up my wife to tell her I was going to work, she asked me what all the yelling was about.

I had a hard time sleeping last night.  For some reason I kept waking up, worried I was going to oversleep, which is strange given that I was only getting up a half an hour earlier for the game than I would normally for work.

That lack of sleep is what has me sitting on the couch, watching television, instead of doing any of the number of constructive things I should be doing.  It's also the reason why the blog for today is so uninspired.