Biograhical Mix, 1997: Variety Is the Spice of Life

In the spring of 1997, I met one of the pre-requisites for snobby music lovers: I got a job at a record store.

While that job might have been awful in a lot of ways, it did give me easy access to a wide variety of music. It also made me aware of the fact that frat boys of the mid to late 90's bought every single hip hop record that was released no matter who it was by. Really. It was mind boggling to me how every week on new release day, a stream of Greek letter hat wearers would come into the store and buy every single thing related to the hip hop genre. I have never seen the complete lack of thoughtfulness that I saw during those days. It was amazing to me.

Anyway, between working at a record store and being in a band with three other people who felt nearly as strongly about music as I did, I began to delve outside my comfort zone, at least a little.

"Beetlebum" by Blur
"All Mine" by Portishead
"Bachelorette" by Bjork
"Karma Police" by Radiohead
"Taneytown" by Steve Earle
"Sponge" by R.E.M.
"Motorist" by Jawbox
"The Council" by Team Dresch
"Rain Yr Hand" by Rainer Maria
"I Never Trusted the Russians" by the Promise Ring
"High and Dry" by Radiohead
"Poison Lovers" by Steve Earle
"107" by Team Dresch
"Caboose" by Snapcase
"Ina" by Ethel Meserve
"Anisette" by June of '44
"For the World" by Shai Hulud
"Zombie Prescription" by Snapcase

This was kind of a hard mix to put together as far as transitions are concerned. Radiohead to Steve Earle isn't so jarring, but Steve Earle to Team Dresch is a little weird. June of '44 into Shai Hulud isn't exactly smooth, either, but I guess this all goes to show how diverse this mix was. For the record, Steve Earle is the most country thing that will ever appear on a mix, as Johnny Cash kind of flitted throughout my life, never really landing on one particular year, thus avoiding any specific mix.

Although, Cash shows up on my "Veronica Mars" mix. I mentioned that, not because I'm going to post said "Veronica Mars" mix, but because it's one of a few TV show inspired mixes that I have, although of which were created in the last few years. Before that, I just added songs from TV shows into my regular mixes, something that will become clear on my next mix...