Pet Peeve: Football Commentators

I've decided to start a (more than likely) long running series about my personal pet peeves. And, with the Super Bowl having been just a few days ago, I was reminded of one in particular.

This is how a normal sports commentator would sound:

"He's a great player on a good team. He knows how to catch the ball and he plays the game the right way."

This is how a football commentator would say the same thing:

"He's a great football player on a good football team. He knows how to catch the football and he plays the game of football the right way."

This has annoyed me for YEARS.

You're a football commentator. One of the few things we can safely assume is that you are going to, in fact, talk about football. Why do all football commentators feel the need to stick the name of the game into every sentence as many times as they can? So we won't forget? What other kind of ball would, say, Randy Moss be catching? What other kind of GAME would the Browns be playing??

(Okay, that last one isn't entirely valid, as the Browns often play tennis while the other team is playing football)

Here's what kills me: it's both self-aggrandizing and self-conscious. It's as if, by using "football" as an adjective, it suddenly makes whatever is being described really, really impressive. Yet why would it? It's not as if football is any better than any other sport out there, it's not as if the athletes are any more talented. On the flip side, it's almost as if football commentators need to inject that word into their every sentence as a way of establishing credibility, the "if I say it enough I must know what I'm talking about" philosophy.

It blows my mind and drives me nuts.

And, seriously, wants you start hearing it, you can never stop.