At some point I expect President Obama to say "You can all go to hell." And he will be talking to both political parties.

Let's start with the more egregious of the two, the Republicans. It should be clear to everyone by now that their entire motivation at this point is to place themselves against the stimulus package and then to pray to their White Christian God that it fails to help the economy. The end result, of course, is that the Democrats will then be held responsible for the country's economic state (a dubious claim at the very least) and America will come running back to the GOP.

Here, right in front of us, we are watching a political party make decisions based not on what's best for the country -- for the people who voted for them -- but on what's best for them personally. Because how many of them are having trouble making ends meet?

While I understand many of the Republican complaints about the stimulus package, I am stunned (and I don't know why I should be at this point) at how myopic their view is. The stimulus package absolutely, positively cannot be about fixing our economy. It can't be. Because fixing our economy will guarantee that we find ourselves in this situation again. No, the stimulus bill has to be about overhauling our economy, changing the basic assumptions we make about how business is done in this country, and what business we're doing.

Republicans are conservative. By its very definition, this means "disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change." Guess what? We can't afford to limit change anymore.

Sadly, the Democrats aren't helping things.

Someone needs to point out to the Democratic "leadership" (yes, it's in quotes, because the Democrats have been so directionless and spineless for so long it's hard to believe they have leaders) that Obama won the electoral votes of many states despite the fact that he's a Democrat. People were willing to set aside their problems with the Democratic Congress and vote for Obama. They didn't vote for him because of (D) next to his name. Truthfully, that letter probably made them hesistate before voting for him.

By the same token, Democrats would do well to remember that they're only the party in power because the Republicans were the party in power. While my beliefs generally fall on the left side of the spectrum, even the most ardent lefty has to realize that politics runs in cycles and the Democrats just happen to be on the good side of it. For that matter, it required the worst president in history to get people to flip because the Democrats had nothing to offer them other than "we can't be any worse."

No, Democrats, you need to stop spending every night patting yourselves on the back because you were able to convince three whole Republicans to cross party lines to vote for the stimulus bill, particularly since it's clear that those three Republicans are crossing because a) they're getting something and b) they like the President. Quit claiming that America chose you over the other guys because they really just chose the lesser of two evils. The only person who can claim such a thing is President Obama, and you people are ruining his good name.

How far gone are we? That's simple. The three Republicans that crossed over are being referred to by other members of Congress as the only moderate Republicans in the Senate. That's right, there are, evidently, only three moderate Republicans in the Senate. That's what the last eight years got us. That is, in part, how we got to where we are.