Being Here

Hm? Oh, why, hello there! I didn't notice you come in. I was engrossed in this book. Allow me to set down my brandy and put out my pipe.

What's that? Who am I? Why, I'm Kyle Garret, caretaker of this here blog. Since you stopped by, you probably know me from somewhere. Perhaps we went to school together. Maybe we both post on the same websites. Maybe you even bought my book. That would be swell if you did that.

I can see that look on your face. You're wondering why you're here. I wonder that a lot myself.

What can I tell you? After years of spewing my specific brand of rhetorical love in various spots across the world wide web, I've decided it's time for me to pick one spot and stick with it. So instead of having multiple blogs that I promise to maintain on a regular basis (and, invariably, fail to do), I'm going to have just this one. And I'll update it regularly (ideally daily, but never less than every other day).

What will I talk about, you ask? The short answer: lots.

The long answer is I will talk about any thing that crosses my path, which these days is quite a bit. I'm getting married in April, so I'd imagine there will be some posts about the trials and tribulations of planning that (or watching my fiance plan that). I, like 8.4% of the state of California, have no job. That should make for some quality blogs. I'm an aspiring writer (who isn't, these days) and I have a lot to talk about on that front. I live in Los Angeles, which is a constant source of material. And I like things, things like music, comics, politics, books, TV, movies, and all the usual distractions.

I will, I should add, save my baseball ramblings for my other blog. So you non-baseball fanatics won't be bored to tears.

Oh, and I'll so do some linking, so if I find something interesting online (and there's a lot to find), I'll make sure to send it your way.

For my first treat to you, my dear reader, I present to you the video for my favorite song of 2008, the title of which is also the title of this inaugural blog: